Best ways to clean a window from dirt, dust, and soot

Best ways to clean a window from dirt, dust, and soot

Windows are essentially the ‘eyes’ of our houses. The cleaner and clearer they are, the more light will enter into the house, the more beautiful it will look. It is important to know how to clean the windows without leaving streaks, but removing all the dirt.

Grandma’s method for light dirt

If you live away from large enterprises and busy roads, then you are in luck! Your lungs and windows will not be dirty due to smog. It is not difficult to wash the windows well in such a situation.

Usually, windows are washed in turn. Finished with one, and only then move on to another. It is easiest to wash the inside part of the window since it is less soiled and it is not difficult to reach it. Here is the sequence of actions for washing windows in any ordinary house or apartment:

  • First, you need to take a bucket or basin, pour warm water into it, and dilute a little laundry detergent or soap.
  • The window should be washed with an ordinary soft rag, wiping off the dirt, carefully wiping the frame, handles, and doors.
  • Wash the windows with clean water using another clean rag.
  • To absorb excess moisture and prevent stains, rub the window thoroughly with a crumpled up newspaper. This procedure helps to achieve flawless purity and brilliance.

These old methods are effective. 

With little dirt, there is another modern and simple way to wash the windows in the apartment. You only need to know that there are window wipes and special cleaning agents. The instructions on the label will help to apply them correctly.

Instead of a rag, you can take a window cleaning mop, which has two sides: a sponge and a rubber scraper. Then you can wet the glass with foam very quickly and immediately erase the foam along with the dirt. This method is often shown in videos.

How to wash a very dirty window

Note that it is not a good idea to let the windows get to a heavily dirty state. Firstly, they deteriorate from this, and secondly, the time needed for washing them increases; thirdly, a more effective cleaning product is required to clean the window without streaks and additional efforts.

Serious work awaits all housewives in the winter season. In some regions, the winter period is accompanied by frost and a large amount of rainfall, so almost no one wipes the windows from the street side. During this time, it becomes dirty. Let’s find out how to clean the windows in this situation.

The first things you need to clean are the frame, drain holes, glazing beads. They are washed with an ordinary sponge using any detergent. Note that it is better to pour water in a small container, for example, a basin.

After washing the frame, you can wash the glass part. For the glass part, prepare new warm water with liquid soap or special cleanser. The water is foamed and applied with a sponge or a window cleaning mop to the window. 

If it is too grimy, then you need to wait for a little (2-3 minutes) so that the dirt gets wet.

You can pour the soap solution into a bottle and quickly spray it over the surface from the spray bottle for flowers or use a special liquid detergent. Today, washing anything without such devices seems quite unusual. Some of them act immediately, others should be applied several times to avoid dirty stains and to clean the glass well.

In the next step, you should use a rag (sponge) dipped in clean water or a mop with a scraper. Thoroughly rinse off the dirty foam

Finally, the window glass and frame are completely wiped with a clean and dry microfiber rag or just a soft, lint-free cloth. It helps to get rid of possible streaks and remove all moisture.

Some tricks

There are little tricks that help to avoid streaks on the windows, and to clean it quickly and efficiently.

  • Wash the windows on a wet or cloudy day, then water and liquid detergent will dry longer, and you do not have to wet the sponge again.
  • If you want to achieve maximum brilliance, then you need to wash the windows with household ammonia. It will remove all greasy stains on both the frames and the glass.
  • To wash a colored wooden frame, it is best to use liquid soap.
  • If you use a mop or scraper, then move it from the top down at an angle so that all the liquid flows down.

Perhaps someone will be interested in how to wash windows using non-standard methods. Consider several methods.

  • Take crushed chalk and mix it with alcohol. You need enough alcohol to make a white mixture, similar to liquid sour cream. This mixture is used to quickly and brilliantly wash the window.
  • To clean the traces of the flies, apply fresh onions. Cut the onion in half and rub it into the glass of the window. After that, everything is washed off with water.
  • If you add starch to the water (a tablespoon per liter), then you are guaranteed to get shiny glass.
  • When you wash off the foam with clean water, you can add a little table vinegar to it. This will help scare away the flies.

A chart of some methods.

Method Features
Special wipe It eliminates minor and medium stains
Detergent Depends on the brand, can quickly deal with severe stains
Newspaper Leaves no residue
Household ammonia Provides shine, removes grease well
Onions Removes the traces of flies
Table vinegar Scares away the flies
Chalk + alcohol, starch Remove dirt well, make windows shine

Many of us wash windows twice a year: in the autumn before frost and in the spring after winter. However, it would be better to wipe the glass much more often. After all, does it take a lot of effort to spray it with the spray gun and make a couple of hand movements?

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