How to descale a washing machine

How to descale a washing machine

The main reason for the failure of the washing machine is not the wear of the parts, but the build up of dirt and limescale. Therefore, it is important to prevent their formation, as well as to know how to descale your washer. 

Descaling methods

There are a few different ways to descale your washing machine. You can use special chemicals, table vinegar, or citric acid. In case of a larger build-up of minerals, the specialists at the service center will remove the heating element to treat it with a special solution. 

Effective cleaning of the washer with special cleaners

All cleaning products, which are offered by manufacturers, contain acid. Take into account that these products have an aggressive impact on the rubber parts of the washing machine, so use these detergents only if there is limescale present. Before cleaning, read the instruction, because the application methods can be different:

  • washing without clothes (an empty tub wheel);
  • soaking the removed heating elements.

There are some the well-known descaling agents:  Merloni, REDD-TVN, Bubble Ice, Filtero, Astonish.

Do not use them any more than once every six months.

Water softener such as «Calgon»

For keeping the washing machine clean, it is recommended to add these products every washing. Unfortunately, “Calgon” and its analogs only soften the water but cannot remove existing limescale. The main active ingredient in these cleaners is sodium tripolyphosphate, which cannot dissolve the salts. Almost all powdered detergents contain similar softeners, so it is not necessary to add Calgon. Excessive usage of cleaners like that leads to the formation of a difficult-to-remove sediment. Therefore, use them with caution.

 According to experts, the regular use of «Calgon» is more expensive than a repair of the washing machine with the replacement of heating element. These softening products are expensive and, unfortunately, do not remove the limescale

The risk of formation of a solid mineral layer can be reduced by using some other detergents or calcined soda.

Citric acid to fight limescale

Unlike chemicals from a store, citric acid is the most effective agent for removal of salt deposits in the washing machines. Use it depending on the number of loads of laundry, it is enough to use it once every 6-12 months.

  1. Pour 60-100 g of citric acid into the detergent compartment.
  2. Choose a mode with 80-90 degrees – intensive washing, boiling or cotton.
  3. The washing machine will go through a 1-2-hour cycle with rinsing.

Under the influence of citric acid and high temperature, the heating element and metal parts of the washing machine’s drum will be cleaned of the mineral salts. 

The formula of citric acid is ideal for breaking up the dirt and eliminating limescale. 

Using white vinegar

This is another effective way to clean the washer.

  1. Pour 2 glasses of table vinegar into the washer.
  2. Start the longest mode with hottest water (without detergent and, of course, without any clothes).
  3. After 5 minutes, stop the cycle for an hour. This pause will allow you to clean the drum and heater better.
  4. Then continue the cycle until completion.
  5. Then rinse the washer by running a short wash cycle, or just a rinse cycle.

Why it is important to remove limescale in time

The appearance of scale reduces the efficiency of the heater and the heating time and consumption of electricity increase. A large layer of calcareous scab covering the heater hinders rotation of the washing machine’s drum. This can lead to serious mechanical damage to the washing machine, and then you would need to replace more than just the heating element. To properly maintain the washing machine, it is important to not only remove salt formations in time, but also to prevent their occurrence.

Basic prophylactic measures

The wash with low-quality powders and washing in high temperatures with water with a high content of calcium and magnesium salts lead to the formation of a calcareous deposit. Therefore, it is better to adhere to the following recommendations: 

  • Wash in heating mode of up to 40-50 degrees. It’s enough to dissolve and remove the dirt;
  • Do not cut costs on detergent;
  • It is best to install a magnetic water filter and to use purified water;
  • Use softeners such as «Calgon» rarely and in small quantities;
  • Make sure to perform periodic preventative measures like cleaning with citric acid.

The above recommendations will help to descale the washing machine. It will reliably work for years to come.

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